Max is 60-something and owns a small neighborhood bar. The place is not fancy
but very comfortable and fits the description of 'a shot and a beer' establishment. Max is a listener and rarely, if ever, speaks. He may know your name but you won't
hear him say it!
Reba is the waitress at MAX's. She is young, cute, perky and always friendly. Reba is a single mother and has become a 'little sister' to all of her regular customers.
Manny is the most frequent visitor to MAX's. He is a blue-collar worker and visits the place daily to see his MAX's 'family'.

Rhaqua is a mysterious beauty... maybe from the islands? ...a Creole? ...a Gypsy? She and Manny are best friends. Rhaqua often tells intriguing stories
to her MAX's friends.
Annie is a nurse. She heads to MAX's each day after work... still in her scrubs... just to hang with her friends in her happy place!
T-Bone is a pool playing shark... and can often be found at the billiard table at MAX's waxing poetic on the issues of the day.

Dixie is an elegant African-American lady born in the South. She struggles to balance her contemporary liberal causes with her Southern heritage while honoring her
parents who named her.
ZZ is an avid sports fan. ZZ hangs with friend Dixie and is the resident expert for all things concerning any sport!
Crazy John has the ultimate outgoing personality and has no governor on expressing himself in the most
enthusiastic ways! He speaks with a
heavy Southern drawl, is an old school pinball wizard, and rules
the machine at MAX's.

Father Michael O'Rourke is a priest. He is no stranger to the inside of a bar where he often ministers to his flock!
Reverend Pam is a Minister and is almost always seen in the company of Father Mike and Rabbi Greg at MAX's.
Rabbi Greg always accompanies his friends Father Mike and Reverend Pam to Max's.

Butch is a retired businessman who is blind. He smokes a fat cigar, still dresses up each day, and is the resident outspoken curmudgeon at MAX's.
Lizzie is a very smart Labrador Retriever in service to Butch. Lizzie does not speak but now and then she THINKS out loud!
Bacon Day is an itinerant 4-string banjo player who performs at MAX's from time to time. Each appearance of Bacon Day will be accompanied by a live recording of
Bacon's performance!

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